3 mistakes businesses make with their websites

3 mistakes businesses make with their websites

Believing it needs to be 100% complete before launch:

A website doesn't require printing in order to have finished material, unlike a book. A website is and ought to be a dynamic entity. As opposed to waiting for it to be fully finished, which can sometimes take months, and then realising once it is live that it needs to be changed right away because the site is out of sync with changes that have happened in the business during the time period. Getting an initial MVP live and working on improving and updating the site once live is sometimes a much better approach.

Focusing on how they believe the website should function rather than how its users actually use it:

Understanding user activity offers useful information that, if disregarded, can result in users leaving the site quickly, low conversion rates, and the loss of information that could influence future website optimisation methods.

Poor content strategy:

People frequently make the error of failing to update their website with new, relevant, and interesting information on a regular basis. Lower user engagement and search engine rankings could come from this.

Therefore, if you're holding off on launching your website because it's unfinished...


Get the website live. See how users interact with it. Refactor.

That's how you build a meaningful website with evolution in mind