Privacy Policy

1. The information you give us while using the services or in any other way when using the website will be stored on our servers and computers and used by us to evaluate, develop, and improve the website and online services as well as to enable us to give you the pertinent information you request as well as information about our marketing initiatives.

2. Occasionally, we might let you know about new features, news, or services that we think you might find interesting. Should you choose not to receive such information from Thirty3 Digital Ltd or from a connected third party, you may do so by making your choice known using our websites contact form or in another way when using the website.

3. Your personal information won't be sold. But we reserve the right to share any information or data you supply through our contact form or in any other way when using the website with thoroughly vetted third parties so they can occasionally send you information. You can choose not to get this additional information by specifying on the enquiry reply form or in another way when using the website that you do not want your information or data to be used or disclosed in this way.

4. Because of the nature of the Internet, the information and data you give us with may be transferred to another nation. It is possible that such information or data will be sent outside the European Economic Area ("EEA") if you submit it from a member state of the EEA.

5. We won't keep such data or information longer than is required for the goals outlined in this policy statement.

6. There can be links on the website to other websites. You must abide by this policy statement if you use such hyperlinks. You will leave the website if you use the hyperlinks. This policy statement does not apply to the access or use of any other websites, and it is your obligation to review any other websites you visit and any privacy policies that may apply thereto to learn how your information and data will be handled if you do so.

7. You have the right to ask for access to, correction of, or erasure of any personal data we may hold about you.

8. Please get in touch with us here if you have any queries about this data protection and privacy policy.

9. By accepting this policy statement, you agree that your information and data will be used (including processed and stored), transferred, and disclosed for the reasons outlined in this policy statement.

10. Cookies will not be used by Thirty3 Digital Ltd to gather personal data about you. You can limit or block cookies that are set by our website using the browser settings. Use your browser's help feature if you decide you want to do this. Our website's functionality may be impacted if you choose to limit or block cookies. Visit for a more detailed manual. Consult your phone's handbook if you wish to delete cookies from your mobile device.